I had an issue last week when i renamed an Operations Manager group in the console. I had a scheduled task in place for setting maintenance mode which was targeted to this group. After the group has been renamed this stopped working. Further investigation shows that the display name for the group wasn’t changed correctly in the database. When running the Get-SCOMGroup command the old display name showed up.

I know about the older problems with strange display names in the console, but this seems different…or not??

For as far as I know this isn’t a know issue but to make sure I have posted this problem on the TechNet forums:

After some searches on internet I decided to try the solutions used for the “weird display names” which is checking the LanguageCode column in the dbo.__MOMManagementGroupInfo__ table.

-+ Be Aware that Microsoft does not support editing the Operations Manager databases this way +-

FROM [OperationsManager].[dbo].[__MOMManagementGroupInfo__]

Yes, in my case the LanguageCode collumn was empty and i need it to be “ENU”.
To fix this you can select the table, right click and choose Edit Top 200 Rows. As there is only one row you can change the value quickly.


When restarted the services I tried to rename the group again and now it works.

Another problem solved.

* Update 22 January 2014: Jonathan Almquist reacted on my post and seemed to have contacted MS. He got the advise from the OpsMgr product group to NEVER update the database manually as this will cause corruption eventually!!

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